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In which I make a Master Fic List for my fics. I will link to all of my fics, including prompt fills.

It kind of pleases me immensely that I have written enough I feel the need to compile this list.

So, no longer just X-Men Fics! We're adding in some new things! Whoo, change is good!

Master Fic List


With Grace In Your Heart: Amanda just wants to know who her mom was, and Edgar holds all the answers. If only he would give them to her. But she's not the only one in mourning, and she's not the only one who loved Lydia. (Edgar/Lydia)

X-Men (Movies)


The Nearest We Can Come

This is a series with the focus around Thistle & Weeds. There are multiple one-shots that take place in the same universe, and serve to help explain the motivations and relationships of side-characters, or their relationship with Nightcrawler or Toad.

The Nearest We Can Come focuses on the ways we love, and how our relationships with other people define us, change us. It concentrates on love, and its many forms, and on loyalty, and anger, and drive.

That said, if the main pairing is not your cup of tea, all of the companions can be read as stand-alone stories.

Thistle & Weeds: For Kurt, the world is what you see, and when he falls in love, love is all he sees. For Mortimer, better known as Toad, the world is full of deception. He covers himself in thorns, and fights for what he believes in. (Sometimes, he believes in love, too) The war between humans and mutants has begun, but just because you have a common enemy, doesn't mean you're on the same side, and even love can't bridge some gaps. Can it? (Toad/Nightcrawler)

Little Lion Man: Ororo was a queen, once upon a time. Little John is her prince, her little lion. Sometimes family is chosen. (Ororo & John familial relationship)

Wick: Wanda has escaped to raise her children in peace. But her father isn't willing to let her go so easily. It's just her luck that it's Toad that manages to track her down. No, really. It is lucky. (Wanda/Vision implied, Wanda & Toad friendship)

Sugar & Tea: John grew up without a mother and father to remember. Ororo fills the space, with fireflies and lullabies. (Ororo and John, familial relationship)

Whistles the Wind: Hank and Alex live a life together, as the years roll on. They look happy. Alex is certainly happy. As it has been said before though, appearances can be deceiving. One day, Alex is going to work that out.

The Path No Longer Lit: Hank keeps everything close to the chest. His anger, his fear, his love. In any case, he keeps the light on for Alex, no matter what.

(Note: Whistles the Wind and The Path No Longer Lit are meant to be read as two sides to the same story)

Your Song: How Kurt came to be with the Munich Circus, and how Margali came to be his mother. Janos tells him good-bye with a kiss to his curls, while Raven's tears are still drying on his cheeks. "You were loved. You were wanted." (Implied Raven/Azazel and Azazel/Janos)

If Cats Looked Like Frogs: The story of how Mystique came to know the mutant called Toad. Also the story of how Janos can be a dramatic sort, Mystique can feel like a terrible person, and the two of them can be downright catty when they're together. (Mystique/Irene Azazel/Janos & Implied past Azazel/Raven)

X-Men: First Class


Mi Diablo :“If you are a devil, then you are my devil, mine alone, and I will gladly reign in their Hell if it means I reign beside you.” Janos and Azazel come to define their relationship. (Azazel/Riptide)

Mi Amor: In 1962, the world isn't very accepting of many things. Janos and Azazel must find a happy medium somewhere. (Azazel/Riptide)

An Angel's Name: Before Shaw, Riptide was many things. So was Azazel. What they are together is something else entirely. (Or: That one where Riptide was a prostitute, and Azazel was his client) (Azazel/Riptide)

Snippets of a Life: Azazel and Riptide's lives, seen in seven moments. (Azazel/Riptide)

You Be The Voice in My Head: Getting past it is harder than it seems, and when revenge solves nothing, what else is left? (Warnings: Non-con references) (Azazel/Riptide)

While My Guitar Gently Weeps: Janos loved to dance with the women, and never noticed anything else. Angel can see what he doesn't though. (Azazel/Riptide)


Untitled Prompt Fills

Note: These are fills without titles, some of which are being considered for revision or expansion.

Cafe AU: Fill for the cafe AU prompt, in which Azazel is a firefighter, Janos is stressed, and there is much yelling. (Azazel/Riptide) (IN PROGRESS)

Possessive!Azazel Fill: Fill for a possessive!Azazel. Janos is injured, Hank is attending, and Azazel is seething with jealousy. It does not help that Janos is lying to him. (Azazel/Riptide) (Completed)

Hand-holding Prompt: Anon wanted to see hand-holding. I make references to the Beatles and how telepaths hate earworms. There is hand-holding though. (Azazel/Riptide) (Completed)

Loud in bed!Riptide: Riptide is loud in bed, and Erik is irritated. He meddles with them, and breaks everything. Then he sulks. Then he fixes it. (Azazel/Riptide) (Completed)

Picture Prompt: A prompt requested based on a picture. Involves a mischievous Azazel putting his tail in places it shouldn't be. (Azazel/Riptide) (Completed)

Let Me Give You A Fairytale: Shaw is lusting after Janos, Azazel and Janos are in love, and what is Emma thinking? Only of softness and warmth. Watch her play fairy godmother for her comrades.(Azazel/Riptide) (Completed)

Role-Playing Prompt In which Azazel and Janos like to roleplay a little as the Captain and the Pool Boy. (Azazel/Riptide)

Haircut Prompt Azazel gives Janos a haircut. (Azazel/Riptide)

Watermelon Juice Prompt In which Janos is a tease, and Azazel is taking the bait. Wait, are you still a tease if you put out? (Azazel/Riptide)



If I Fell (Azazel/Riptide)
A three-part series that is completed. Janos tells Azazel he loves him; Azazel says nothing in return. It's only when you lose someone that you realize how much they mean to you and your life. Azazel must learn that lesson the hard way.

You've Got To Hide Your Love Away
The Fool on the Hill
Soldier of Love (Lay Down Your Arms)

Scars (Azazel/Riptide)

The scars Azazel carries are clear for all to see, and he tells these stories to Janos with no issue. The scars Janos carries are less visible, but no less deep. In telling Azazel his story, he bestows a level of trust in him that no man has ever had. When Azazel is forced to let Janos see his darker nature though, that trust is pushed to its limit. Knowing what a man is capable of, and seeing it, are two very different things.

Titles are based on the song "Scars" by Elegeion, a song I find is very fitting with the overall tone of this fic.

So Just Hold Me
Wrap Me In Your Arms

Don't Let Me Fall Again

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven

Untitled BDSM Universe (Azazel/Riptide)

Say You'll Haunt Me Riptide is an arrogant, bratty, smoking virgin. Azazel can fix one of those things.

Marry The Night For some odd reason, Emma cares that Azazel has decided to make Janos his personal pet. Azazel is confused. When he feels like it.

We Found Love Riptide has been a lying little brat, and Azazel will punish him. In a manner of speaking. Also, there is some more Emma.

Young Justice

Untitled Prompt Fills

Untitled Birdcage Prompt Robin gets trapped in a giant birdcage. Kaldur rescues him. And doesn't make fun of him.


Seafoam Robin does not want poetry written about him, nor does he want to compared to a flower. He's a guy. Guys don't like that. At all. Also, when you hand in your v-card, does that make you an "irgin"? (Robin/Aqualad)

Most Awesome Thing in the History of Ever The team is in a cafe, minding their own business. Kissing as distractions, telepathic manipulation, thrown napkins, and awkward conversations happen. The Most Awesome Thing in the History of Ever happens at some point or another. (Robin/Aqualad)

Kansas Kitchens Clark Kent is in trouble. He knows it, because his middle name got used, and that's their purpose. Hiding a grandson from a woman will get you in that kind of trouble. Even if he's not a real person. (Ma Kent doesn't see it the same way) Kansas kitchens always have a pie in them, whether it be blueberry or cherry.

They Want Places To Play Jade is pregnant. Inside of her, there is a small heart beating, little lungs drawing breath, a little body growing and becoming someone. This is not how she saw her life going. The relationship between a mother and a child is sacred, and frightening. Jade will soon see it from both sides. (Jade & Paula)

Hush Little Baby A baby comes into the world, and settles into Jade's arms. But first, she must get here. Jade thinks about everything that has led up to this moment. Hush little baby, don't say a word, Mama's going to buy you a mockingbird.


Lovesong (Robin/Aqualad)

Take It All Kaldur'ahm (Aqualad) has to make some hard decisions about his life and his relationships. Especially his relationship with Robin.

Someone Like You Nobody told Robin that when Kaldur moved on from the team, it would mean he was moving on from Robin too. Being sixteen and in love can really suck. He's been taught everything from aikido to zipota, but no one ever mentioned having to learn this.

He Won't Go Kaldur'ahm confesses to Tula, and Tula in turn tries to right things with Robin. The culture clash is discussed, Kaldur's motivations are given light at last, and Robin makes him a promise.

One and Only Kaldur'ahm returns to the surface world with a new codename and more secrets than Robin knows what to do with.

Letters (Robin/Aqualad)

Be Mine In which everyone finds out before Batman. Batman is not pleased.

A Song is a Key Kaldur writes Robin love letters from all over the world. A relationship grows and becomes what it is.


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